At Leon’s Signs, we believe that your first advertising investment should be to improve the curb appeal for your East Texas business. There’s no better form of advertising for return on investment than improving your brand’s public-facing image. When you elect to design and install new signage, you’re investing in a 24/7 advertisement that will stick out in the memories of your potential customers. But remember, signs are not simply one-size-fits-all. Every business is unique and services different needs and in different sectors. That’s why you need a custom sign maker like Leon’s Signs to provide a tailored look for your business. 


  • Provides an attractive physical appearance
  • Attracts attention
  • Makes your business a landmark
  • Compels people to come into your business
  • Becomes a part of your advertising campaign
  • Provides a consistent image.

Custom flag mounted wall sign. Cabinet is CNC routed and backed with acrylic.

Custom machine routed cabinet with decorative flag ends.

Custom internally lighted with LED and neon.

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